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Karina (left) and Krizza (right) are 24-year-old entrepreneurs and twin feminists in the Philippines. 
In 2013, they opened Rock N Rauhl — their first online store on Facebook offering fandom merchandise, novelty items, and statement shirts created by Karina herself. 
In 2016, the business had to stop operations as they started to become busy during their second year of college. Eventually, they started to explore different paths: Karina pursuing interior design (check out Extra Home Design), and Krizza creating The Organicum.
Despite having different ventures, the twins still share a common interest: fashion. They saw the lack of inclusivity in the fashion industry, only featuring models that are known or are within societal standards of what beauty is made out to be. Filipino shoppers also tend to buy from foreign brands instead of patronizing local businesses. Because of this, Krizza thought of creating a local version with quality products while offering a competitive price in the Philippine market.
With this ambition and their knowledge in business, they reopened Rock N Rauhl in 2020. Inspired by this deep personal passion, the name was changed to “KxK Fashion” to embody and complement the twin owners' vision. With Krizza as Founder and Karina as Co-Founder, they rock together and aspire to create a brand that promotes self-love, diversity, and inclusivity.


At KxK Fashion, we aim to set a new standard of being a diverse and inclusive brand that delivers fashionable and high-quality products while promoting self-love, which could help our clientele to be confident and become the person they aspire to be.
Through our business and campaigns on different platforms, we strive to empower people, support small businesses, and offer job opportunities while addressing social issues along the way.



Our brand’s vision is to create a society in which everyone can be themselves without the pressure of the fashion industry, modeling industry, and social media's unrealistic beauty standards set by some brands and influencers.

Through KxK Fashion, we will build a community where people feel included and embrace diversity regardless of age, size, color, or gender.

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