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Giankarla Tapia, Physical Therapist

A brand that recognizes everyone’s potential. A brand that does not discriminate nor intimidate. A brand that reminds us that body mass, body scheme and complexion are not tied into anyone’s self-worth. A brand that reminds us of one’s self-worth. A brand that promotes self-regard and self-love. A brand that wholeheartedly cares. A brand that boldly empowers. A brand firmly committed to not disappoint. These are what I look for in a brand and I commend KxK for embodying it all.


Maui Severino, Interior Designer

Love Karina and Krizza so much! Not only do they encourage women to empower each other but they also advocate to normalize normal bodies and want to get rid of the “perfect body” that has been so drilled into our heads. Im very grateful to be a part of this hehe also follow meeee: @amvsvrn :>


Den Ignacio, Student

I can’t recall when was the last time I felt really confident, but today I’m proud of myself for having the courage to do this, and that is because of Karina and Krizza. I genuinely love Karina and Krizza, they sell quality products that are worth buying and they encourage people to just be their authentic selves.

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