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Raihan JIbon
Aug 02, 2022
In Body Positivity
Were Quickly Thrown from the Ground to the Cloud, the Cloud Architecture Was Customized, and the Load Performance of the Machine Was Automatically Adjusted in Response to the Peak of the Flow of People. Cloud Technology Can Help Students to Safely and Safely Implement the Suspension of School During the Three-Level Alert Period. Photo 2_mountain Climbing Photo Photo Credit: Bo Hong Bohong Attaches Great Importance to the Spirit of Teamwork, Members Will Climb Baiyue Together in Their Spare Time, Not Only Consolidate the Centripetal Force from the Exercise Process, but Also Cultivate the Courage to Not Be Afraid of Customers to Propose Difficult Tasks. On-The-Ground Training to Set Up a Role Model for Big Figures in Order to Continue to Expand the Competitive executive list Advantage of Bohong Cloud Hosting Services, He Guansheng Said, We Will Offer Differentiated Killers. First of All, Bohong Commercializes the Cloud Hosting Technology. in the Next One or Two Years, It Will Launch Self-Developed Subscription Products in the Saas (Software as a Service) Model. the Complete Solution, Coupled with the Rich Practical Experience and Technological Capabilities of the Far Eastone Consulting Team in Digital Transformation, Can Further Target More Industrial Customers. in Addition to Expanding the Local Market, Bohong Has Not Ignored Overseas Business Opportunities. He Guansheng Mentioned, "In the Past Three Years, We Have Made Great Achievements in Operating Our Bases in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, and Overseas Revenue Has Grown Significantly, Especially in the Financial and Insurance Industries, Government Departments and Large-Scale Enterprises. Enterprises Are Our Customer Base.” This Good Result Allows Bo Hong to Continue to Dream Bravely, and the Next
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