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Omar Faruk
Jul 13, 2022
In Body Positivity
So far, we can find that in the past, entertainment to death occurred because the media subtly influenced people, and people unconsciously forget to think through brainwashing dialogue; now, the reinforcement of media forms makes us not only the recipients of entertainment thoughts as in the past, but also it has become an entertainment carrier to help it spread and develop - we are like virus-infected cells, constantly producing more virus offspring for it - not only become victims of reality, but at the same time, the times have also made us our own perpetrators . Whether it is you or me in society or various ghost mannequin effect service media that disseminate information, we are all creating our own discourse hegemony in the world we live in. Any trend of expression may affect the way of thinking in this world. Therefore, in today's internet generations, we should be more careful to separate information from entertainment, think when we should think, entertain when we should entertain, and say to the entertainment of thought: entertainment to death, bad! When knowledge is reduced to form, and ideas are only slogans, our society will no longer have reality, and instead will be entertaining forms of dialogue and empty life patterns. The next time you raise the gavel of the people on a holiday and intend to shout slogans of structural reform, you might as well criticize yourself first, and examine whether you have become a slave to entertainment, shouting leftist ideas for fun but not thinking about it. Powerful. As le ka (chen yikai, I am a very idle member anyway) said in an interview: "Only by questioning the system and framework is a good attitude towards life."