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Randall M Lee
Aug 02, 2022
In Body Positivity
Messaging can be used constructively if you use it in conjunction with SMS group mail on an iPad or Mac. In groups it is easier to message many people together than to text an individual. This is the best part of mass posting. But sometimes conversations in email threads can be annoying and irrelevant. But you still keep getting notifications for every message sent to the group. Because such notifications can be in some big ones, they can be well disturbing. To keep you calm, you can always mute notifications. And the group or the individuals on the other end won't even know. In this article, we'll list simple and useful options to prevent frequent email notifications from being interrupted. Mute messages on Mac Follow these steps to mute messages on Mac: Open the Mail app from your Mac. Select the conversation you want to mute. Click the Details option in the upper right corner. Check the box Do not disturb to enable this option. Note : Please note that the Do Not Disturb option is different from all Do Not Disturb options when you turn off notifications from your device, when enabled to mute messages . See Also: How to Delete Messages in iPhone When the Do Not Disturb option is enabled , you will not receive SMS notifications from selected groups or individuals. Of course, you can still Latest Mailing Database view and read new messages in groups or individually. Mute Mail on iPhone or iPad Muting messages on an iPhone or iPad is very similar to the steps above for a Mac. Go to the Messages app. Select the conversation or group you want to mute. Click the Details option in the upper right corner. Toggle the Do Not Disturb switch shown in the illustration below to ON. When this option is enabled, you will stop receiving alerts from selected groups or individuals. You can switch the option to OFF at any time to enable receiving alerts again when needed. NOTE : If you have text forwarding set up on multiple devices, you must enable Do Not Disturb on each device . The simple steps above will stop the distraction of your frequent text messages. This simple solution will also help you stay awake and focus on your priorities.
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