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SA Ahad
Aug 01, 2022
In Body Positivity
At this time, anyone can comfort Huang Yuan, but only grandma can't. It feels like if If there is no grandma in the world, my parents will take me with me." So Huang Liming extended the process of getting along with his mother and Huang Yuan, thinking that it would be difficult to express "grandma should be sold" in a realistic drama. , so Huang Liming decided to present it in the form of animation. "Because we have been doing animation OEMs in Taiwan for many years, but many animation friends popular database have accumulated strength for 20 to 30 years, so they really hope to make their own original things. Many people come to us to discuss cooperation, and they all For those who are shooting commercials, because of funding and market distribution issues, everyone is a little bit discouraged." Wang Xiaodi talked about the reason why he decided to make an animation in the first place, and the hardships of the shooting process. " The whole production process turned me grey, all because of our ignorance and reckless courage." Director Wang Xiaodi described animated films as being outside of the story, and using the rhythm of modeling and rhythm for infinite freedom of illusion, touching and releasing some of the children's still unclear but very profound feelings. "Children also have many subtle emotions in their life learning at home, including feelings of envy, jealousy, love, possessiveness, insecurity, injustice, happiness, fear, or stress that they can't express yet."
At that time, Huang Yuan and grandma got along well content media