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sathi akter
Aug 03, 2022
In Body Positivity
Finish line of the marathon, and cultivate the courage to face tough challenges and be fearless. The classic successful battle is to assist Taiwan Carrefour to relocate its e-commerce structure and help it increase its connection speed by 70%. He Guansheng said that the Carrefour e-commerce website was originally set up in the Hong Kong computer room, but many services still need to be connected back to France. Bohong Group assisted in relocating to the GCP Taiwan computer room to adjust and optimize the bulk sms service structure. Combined with the advantages of the local computer room, it has greatly improved the online shopping of consumers. In terms of shopping experience, innovative escrow services are introduced to improve the efficiency of maintenance and operation management and service quality, creating a win-win situation. In addition, due to the impact of COVID-19, online learning has become one of the necessary transformation options. Bohong and Far EasTone have joined hands to assist the public sector to improve the overload of traditional servers caused by the explosion of students' Internet access. In less than 2 months, a large number of digital teaching materials were quickly thrown from the ground to the cloud, the cloud architecture was customized, and the load performance of the machine was automatically Adjusted in response to the peak of the flow of people. Cloud technology can help students to safely and safely implement the suspension of school during the three-level alert period. Photo 2_Mountain climbing photo Photo Credit: Bo Hong Bohong attaches great importance to the spirit of teamwork, members will climb Baiyue together in their spare time, not only consolidating the centripetal force from the exercise process, but also cultivating the courage to not be afraid of customers to propose difficult tasks. On-the-ground training to set up a role model for big figures In order to continue to expand the competitive advantage of Bohong cloud hosting services, He Guansheng said, we will offer differentiated killers.
Just like colleagues often climb the top of Baiyue together, break through the content media