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Sujon Kumar
Apr 12, 2022
In Body Positivity
Administration (SBA) guaranteed Telephone Number List loans or the business seller. What are the advantages or disadvantages of each? First let's look at Seller financing. Many books on "How to buy a business" claim that a buyer Telephone Number List should not buy a business if the seller isn't willing to finance the sale of the business. The books often say to offer the seller. As a down payment then pay Telephone Number List the balance off over 5 -10 years. The theory is that the seller who Telephone Number List finances the sale has confidence in the business and, since the buyer owes the seller money, the seller will "help" the buyer succeed. Makes sense, right? Not so fast. Let's look at seller financing from the perspective of a business owner who wishes to sell a good business. A seller who sells the business and finances Telephone Number List the sale takes HUGE risks. What are the risks? First, what if the buyer ignores the seller and runs the business into the ground? What if the buyer changes the whole Telephone Number List business operation to a model that doesn't work? What if the buyer is terrible with employees and he loses some?