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sukanto Kuri
Jul 16, 2022
In Body Positivity
Finally, aesthetic needs. In Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, aesthetic needs are an important part of self-actualization needs. It can be seen that the importance of aesthetic needs in the spiritual life of human beings. Therefore, graphic designers need to show characteristics that meet people's aesthetic needs in their graphic art design. This aesthetic demand mainly has two forms, the materialized form of emotion and the affirmative state of emotion. The former refers to designers expressing their own abstract emotions with actual objects. The latter means that designers combine their own emotions with the power of nature. When both parties reach an agreement, the Image Manipulation Service designer's emotions are transferred to natural objects and become the needs of natural objects. 2 Ways of expressing artistic emotion in graphic design in the era of interaction design (1) Emotions are brewed in the process of design understanding. Before a graphic art designer starts graphic creation, the first job to do is to understand the design. So what is design understanding, that is, designers intercept fragments from life to obtain the appearance of design, and then form a specific artistic image in their minds through the free flow of artistic design. The process of design understanding includes design organization management, material collection, and target positioning. And the designer's emotions are slowly brewing in these three processes. In the first link, the design organization and management link, the essence of brewing emotion is how to express the humanistic emotion, so that the works and the humanistic emotion can be seamlessly combined, which is the concrete manifestation of the humanistic care pursued by humanism. For designers, he has the ability and obligation to convey human care and enrich human emotions. In the second link, research and material collection link.
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