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Sumaiya Khatun
Apr 10, 2022
In Body Positivity
Oct 2012 Luigi Ferro 49.5% of Italian companies throw in the towel Email List within five years of life, defeated by an environment that is too often hostile to economic initiative. But the 50.5% of companies that survive five years after birth Email List strengthen an entrepreneurial fabric which, despite the crisis, is among the liveliest in the world. Italy, a country of entrepreneurs Confartigianato found that, with 6.6 companies per 100 inhabitants, Italy is at the top of the ranking. Of countries with an advanced economy Email List with the highest rate of entrepreneurship. In second place is France with 4.1 companies per 100 inhabitants, followed by the United Kingdom with 2.8 companies per 100 inhabitants. If Italy is Email List the world capital of entrepreneurship, it owes it to craftsmanship which, with 1,448,867 companies, stands out for its widespread presence on the Italian territory. Prato, Fermo and the most virtuous provinces. According to the Email List survey, the "small homelands" of craftsmanship are widespread throughout Italy, but businesses find particularly fertile ground in three provinces with the highest rate of artisan entrepreneurship. 10,770 craftsmen work in Prato, equal to 4.3 businesses per 100 inhabitants. A short distance away follows Email List, with 7,383 artisan businesses (4.1 per hundred inhabitants which has 20,812 artisan entrepreneurs, the ratio with the population is 3.9 businesses per 100 inhabitants.