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zarin taslima
Jul 16, 2022
In Disability Awareness
The clubs that Shi Mingjin has been participating in continuously in Malaysia are "Chinese Studies Association" and "Chess Art Study Association". On the first day of his schooling in Malaysia, he introduced himself to the class and said that he liked to play chess. There is still one person missing, and he was hired as a substitute. They won the championship that year. This classmate's name is Lin Cangquan, who once won the Malaysian National Championship. Shi Mingjin once participated in the company banner design New Taipei City (then Taipei County) chess competition and won the top four. In Taiwan, he felt that he was very powerful, but only when he compared with Lin Cangquan did he know what the sky is. This peculiar classmate was imagining playing chess in class, so his homework was terrible. His life was spent playing chess, and at the age of fourteen he was a young national player. "He's very popular because as long as he's around in the class, he's last in the bottom." In the 1992 Asian Cup Chess Tournament held in Penang, Shi Mingjin met Xu Yinchuan, a 17-year-old Chinese player who was the same as him. He was the all-China champion and the world champion. Seeing the world's best player playing chess, Shi Mingjin thought at the time: "I tried my best to play chess and I couldn't beat Lin Cangquan's foot, and Lin Cangquan was just as bad as Xu Yinchuan, so why am I doing that? Fight? What is the value of my doing this?" Chess is different from ball games. Ball games have team tacit understanding and luck tactics. Chess is not only a technical level, but a difference in the world view dimension. After realizing the cruelty of the world, the young Shi Mingjin was lost.
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